Finca Medina, Guatemala

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Lots: 12
Bidding starts: 14 Aug 2019 11:00:00 BST
Ends: 20 Aug 2019 11:04:11 BST
Bidding Agreement

Finca Medina is located in the foothills of the Agua volcano on the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala City. In Finca Medina we have combined the most modern technology width traditional techniques for the production of Antigua coffee, accordingly to our sustainability commitment. This commitment has allowed us to ensure a world-class coffee, exported to different continents and coutnries such as U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Korea and Netherlands. Our product has been acknowledged by worldwide brands. Each coffee batch is evaluated in our laboratory to verify the traceability, quality, fragrance, aroma, flavor, balance, sweetness and all the different cup profiles that our clients need.


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Buyers Commission @ 3.5%

We are aiming to pass as much back to the producers as possible. This means we are spreading the cost of the auction amongst those of you who buy the coffee. This means this route to market is risk free for the producers. This also means we are creating a sustainable market for coffee and means more goes back to the producers to create higher quality coffee for you and your own customers.

Reserve Prices

There are reserves on the coffee sold in the auction. You will see, if you are the highest bidder on a particular lot, but it is below reserve, you will be told you are below reserve. In order to buy the lot you will need to bid higher than the reserve to win it.

However, at the end of the auction we will go back to the farmers and provide them with a list of all bids. If they decide to sell below reserve, they will. However, if they don't, we are afraid we will not be able to sell this coffee to you at your highest bid price.

Why are we doing this?

The farmers have costs. All businesses have costs. They know what their costs are and they know what they need to break even. We are promoting sustainable coffee and sustainable trade. This is how we wish to provide it for these farmers.

Preparatory Process

Coffee must be handled adequately thru the whole process to ensure the best quality in each cup. During the harvest season, performed in November thru April, the coffee cherries that have matured are harvested by hand when they are in their optimal growth. The optimal point in maturation is determined by the Brix scale analysis.

On the same day the coffee is harvested, the pulp is removed and then moved to fermentation tanks. The coffee then is cleaned and classified by traditional washing and density sorting practices, where only the best beans are chosen to go thru the drying process.

The drying is performed in our patios, where the bean is completely exposed to sun. The coffee beans are constantly being turned with wooden paddles to ensure that the drying is uniform.

The coffee acquires a golden tone, and is recollected from the patios and stored in adequate conditions for it to rest and then be exported.

Coffee Planting

The coffee breeding is performed under the traditional methods of pruning to renew the tissue and to maintain the adequate production. In order to achieve good breeding we use dripping watering techniques and monthly controls of the nutrition index.

We also perform several fertilizations using compost or organic manure that comes from the decomposition of the pulp.

All of the farm´s coffee grows under the shadow of Gravilea and Inga trees; we have 322 shadow trees for each hectare in the farm. This environment assures optimal conditions to achieve high quality harvests. 

The conservation of the ecosystem and the suitable maintenance of the shadow trees are key to guarantee the best quality of coffee breeding, this it helps to establish an optimal environment and protects the quality of the soil and vegetation, which in turn promote the growth of coffee beans with superior quality.

Production Control

Problems of plagues, diseases and weeds are not alien to the coffee plantations. Plagues like the Bronca Del Café, are monitored and controlled with traps. Posterior practices to the harvest, such as picking up of the coffee cherry remnants in the fields, also help to control it. 

We have continuous supervisions and controls to locate the emerging focal points or outbreaks of diseases like Roya. Only authorized products will be applied to disease control. The products that we use do not represent any health risk to the employees nor the wildlife in the farm.

Weeds have not been a source of concern in the farm and their scare presence has not represented any damage or risk to the crops. For weed control, we use non-chemical practices, such as the mechanical cutter. The density of the shadow trees helps to decrease the growth of weed.

Quality Control

The company has qualified and trained staff, such as Q-grade coffee tasters and other staff that is trained annually to be at the forefront of the state-of-the-art techniques, insights and all the other needs that this market requires.

Finca Medina formulates and exports 100% of the coffee involved in the commercial operations. The dry and exportation part of the coffee process is equipped to satisfy the standards, taste and preferences of our clients, which makes every preparation of every batch of our coffee very special.

We have a professional laboratory where all the necessary quality controls are performed. Here, the guidelines for the fermentation, washed, dried and storage are developed and ruled. The coffee is always tested to verify and confirm the aroma, taste and the excellence of our product.

All of this controls and checkpoints, the purity, classification and the constant quality control performed by the working staff, are what allows us to adjust every preparation accordingly to what our clients need.

Dry Mill & Exportations


Before the threshing process, all coffee must go thru two (2) cleaning systems to eliminate any impurity or external agent (stones, threads, sticks, etc.).

With selection methods, by size or density, and the use of electronic or manual technologies we can separate and eliminate the grains that don’t have the optimal density or have black pigmentation or any other color, excluding the “jade color” that distinguishes our special coffee. We also have the methodologies to make a selection based in size, accordingly to our client’s requirements.

After all the dry process, the green coffee is packed in jute bags, ready to be loaded in the shipping containers. If the clients require, we may provide other services, like hermetic bags and quality and weight certificates.

Sustainable Product

The result of the adequate harvesting practices, the conservation of the environment, our care with water with non-renewable resources and the ideal ecosystem, as well as the commitment of our employees with our clients is what makes us produce the best coffee in the world.

Lots in this auction

Caturra Natural (4 buying options)

Lot Score Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
SVM-80-A85.010600lbs$0.10$8.45/lb$5,070.00Finca Medina - Caturra NaturalFINISHED
SVM-80-B85.05300lbs$0.10$8.45/lb$2,535.00Finca Medina - Caturra NaturalFINISHED
SVM-80-C85.03180lbs$0.10$8.45/lb$1,521.00Finca Medina - Caturra NaturalFINISHED
SVM-80-D85.02120lbs$0.10$8.45/lb$1,014.00Finca Medina - Caturra NaturalFINISHED
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