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Auction overview

Bidding starts: 12 Jun 2019 10:00:00 BST
Ends: 12 Jun 2019 11:43:56 BST
Bidding Agreement

Edido - Arecha Yirgachffee Coffee Grower and Exporter Small Holder Farmers Association is located in south nation nationality & peoples regional state which is found in the south side of Ethiopia.

It established by 45 small holder farmers found in Gedio Zone Yirgachffee district, Arecha, Tulesi, Elatencha, Udesa, Wegida, Adame, Derato, Orobetela, Gerbota, Cheleba, Cheto and Haforsa Harenja rural villages.

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Auction Summary

We have set a date for this auction of high quality volume coffee and the lots have now been released!

  • 12 coffees ranging between from 84.08 to 91
  • 1 x coffee scores 91
  • 6 x coffees score 86+
  • 4 x coffees score 85+
  • 1 x coffee scores 84+
  • 77,340kgs in total
  • A variety of small and larger volume lots to bid on
  • Half the lots are less than 1 tonne. 
  • We are sending out a free set of samples to all registrations up to one week before the auction
  • Cupping reports, independently made by Falcion Coffee 
  • Export Certifications for each farmer
  • Geocode location maps for each farmer
  • Farmer block map details for each farmer


Auction Date

Wednesday 12th June, @ 11am (London)

Cupping Reports & Opening Prices

We have worked with the farmers and Falcon Coffee to arrive at realistic valuations for these coffees. We have cupping reports for all but two of the lots from Falcon Coffee. The other two have come from the Ethipian Coffee Exporters Association. These are all provided. 

We have sent out sample sets to all of those buyers who have registered so far. We feel there are some good coffees here and we have split the volume to give those of you with varying budgets an opportunity to buy some of this coffee.

You can access the cupping reports on teh auction page. Here are some short cuts to those reports and the opening bid prices:

Shipping and Contracting Arrangements

We are running these auction to promote direct trade between buyer and sellers. We want to develop the market place to make sustainable coffee the norm.

However, we still need to ensure you understand how you will get the coffee. The Farm Group Manager, Ermias Yitagesu will manage the process for you. They will export the coffee using the green coffee exporter Addis Exporter

The Farm Group Manager is responsible for the following during the sale of the coffee:

  • He has taken representative sample from the coffee producer stock & provided them to bidders.
  • Managed the export processing & preparation including but not limited to milling, hand picking, bagging, labeling & marking bag.
  • Arranged for the export certification inspection & obtain inspection certificate from Coffee & Tea Authority coffee unit on the name & behalf of coffee producer.
  • He will arrange transportation of coffee to the port & customs clearing & forwarding within 3 days following completion of export processing & preparetion.
  • Cover all cost for coffee export preparation & export expenses including but not limited to
    1. Fees & charges by the exchange
    2. Transportation
    3. Export preparation (milling,sorting & bagging)
    4. Cost of jute bags
    5. Insurance
    6. Export certification
    7. Sample shipping to buyer
    8. Certification cost
    9. Communication with buyers
    10. Custom clearing & forwarding.
  • Open letter of credit in the name of and on behalf of coffee producer
  • Ensure the proceeds are credited to the coffee producer's account at respective bank.
  • Make agreement with export coffee procesosr service provider to processing & warehouse service & to take responsiblity for the producer coffee in dry mill including
    1. For loss
    2. Fire
    3. Misplacemnt & exchange
    4. Quality deterioration
    5. Loss of weight
    6. Change of coffee
    7. Theft
  • Based on bidding T& C & sells contract & buyer agreement give order to coffer export proesser service provider.
  • Manage the export contrtact in the name of & bealf of the producer for export processing purpose.
  • Take coffee processing report from processing service provider & provide to coffee producer withen 3 working hour.
  • Based on T&C of bids & buyer agrement on coffee sample & specified time period give shipment order.
  • In case of preshipment weight loss, notify the buyer for the weight loss in the name & behalf of coffee producer.
  • Accept responsiblity to clear the coffee producer's obligation at the National Bank of Ethiopia by presenting the appropriate documents including credit
  • Take representative preshipment sample & send to buyer if necessary.
  • Coordinate coffee producer's organic certification project.
  • Request certifier body Transaction certificate & deliver to buyers.

Featured Farmers

Natural Yirgachffee

Cupping Notes

Clean, richly spice- toned, flowery, dark chocolate, in Aroma and cup, with bright acidity and smooth body. Silky mouth feel, in addition to long after taste.

View Cupping Report

Score: 91

We have two lots: 100 bags/6,000kgs and 16 bags/960kgs

Natural Yirgachffee

Cupping Notes

Jam muffin, apricot, winey , Baking chocolate, macadamia, cherry.

View Cupping Report


Score: 85.38

We have two lots: 165 bags/9,900kgs and 25 bags/1,500kgs

Washed Yirgachffee

Cupping Notes

Lemon, white Choco,, Hoppy, lime, Milk Chocolate, Nutmeg

View Cupping Report


Score: 85

We have two lots: 99 bags/5,940kgs and 13 bags/780kgs

The Association's Aims & Objectives

The farmers’ Association has 45 farmers growing Yirgachffee type coffee with an average of 1.225 tons of production per hectare and an average of 5 ha coverage per individual farm having an average total production of 275.89 tons.

The Association major objectives are:

  1. To promote the production of certified organically produced crops that can attract international markets.
  2. To serve as a link between farmers and markets.
  3. To assist, support and facilitate farmers so that their product can meet the required standards
  4. To market the certified organic products of their members.
  5. To involve in any farm business which maximize the farm incom.
  6. To ensure quality and quantity of organic products.
  7. To advocate and lobby for the premium coffee price of the member small holders.
  8. To promote gender equity in household incomes, savings and investments.
  9. To supply Farm inputs for its member farmers in reasonable price.
  10. To solve member farmers problem that can’t solve separately.
  11. To undertake capacity building activities to member farmers.

Lots in this auction

Lot Score Weight Increment Bid Total value Title High bidder Time left
EAAD-026-1a91.01006,000kgs$0.10$7.10/kg$42,600.00Muluwerke Menbere - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAAD-026-1b91.016960kgs$0.10$7.20/kg$6,912.00Muluwerke Menbere - Yirgachffee - Natural - SundriedYing fung/sweet home coffeeFINISHED
EAEL-013-2a86.5301,800kgs$0.10$6.35/kg$11,430.00Samuel Dama - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAEL-013-2b86.513780kgs$0.10$6.35/kg$4,953.00Samuel Dama - Yirgachffee - Natural - SundriedBluekoff FINISHED
EAEL-029-3a86.42301,800kgs$0.10$6.25/kg$11,250.00Buzayehu Tulo - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAEL-029-3b86.4210600kgs$0.10$6.65/kg$3,990.00Buzayehu Tulo - Yirgachffee - Natural - SundriedBluekoff FINISHED
EACH-044-4a86.381086,480kgs$0.10$6.30/kg$40,824.00Gemeda Gego - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EACH-044-4b86.3815900kgs$0.10$6.30/kg$5,670.00Gemeda Gego - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EACT-042-5a86.33754,500kgs$0.10$6.25/kg$28,125.00Neguse Gela - Yirgachffee - Natural -FINISHED
EACT-042-5b86.3315900kgs$0.10$6.45/kg$5,805.00Neguse Gela - Yirgachffee - Natural -FINISHED
EAGE-011-6a86.0818811,280kgs$0.10$6.20/kg$69,936.00Bantola Gedecha - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAGE-011-6b86.0812720kgs$0.10$6.30/kg$4,536.00Bantola Gedecha - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAWE-002-7a86.08402,400kgs$0.10$6.20/kg$14,880.00Tego Gemeda - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAWE-002-7b86.0816960kgs$0.10$6.20/kg$5,952.00Tego Gemeda - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAWE-025-8a85.671307,800kgs$0.10$6.15/kg$47,970.00Adanch Gemeda - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAWE-025-8b85.6713780kgs$0.10$6.15/kg$4,797.00Adanch Gemeda - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAAD-010-9a85.381659,900kgs$0.10$6.10/kg$60,390.00Alelma Shalo - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAAD-010-9b85.38251,500kgs$0.10$6.10/kg$9,150.00Alelma Shalo - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EADU-035-10a85.0503,000kgs$0.10$6.05/kg$18,150.00Mekonene Figa - Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EADU-035-10b85.0201,200kgs$0.10$6.05/kg$7,260.00Mekonene Figa - Yirgachffee - Natural - SundriedBluekoff FINISHED
EASU-046-11a85.0995,940kgs$0.10$6.15/kg$36,531.00Olke Bire - Washed - Yirgacheffe-FINISHED
EASU-046-11b85.013780kgs$0.10$6.25/kg$4,875.00Olke Bire - Washed - Yirgacheffe-FINISHED
EAUD-001-12a84.08905,400kgs$0.10$6.00/kg$32,400.00Shiferaw Techane -Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
EAUD-001-12b84.0816960kgs$0.10$6.10/kg$5,856.00Shiferaw Techane -Yirgachffee - Natural - Sundried-FINISHED
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