Finca Medina is located in the foothills of the Agua volcano on the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala City. In Finca Medina we have combined the most modern technology width traditional techniques for the production of Antigua coffee, accordingly to our sustainability commitment.

This commitment has allowed us to ensure a world-class coffee, exported to different continents and coutnries such as U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Korea and Netherlands. Our product has been acknowledged by worldwide brands. Each coffee batch is evaluated in our laboratory to verify the traceability, quality, fragrance, aroma, flavor, balance, sweetness and all the different cup profiles that our clients need.

We have the following coffees on offer:

These lots have been split these coffees in to smaller lots of 10, 5, 3 & 2 bags. You can bid on any or all of them. They provide you with a variety of buying options.

Auction Results

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Konga-Wete Auction Results

We have worked with the farmers and Falcon Coffee to arrive at realistic valuations for these coffees. We have cupping reports from Falcon Coffee and from the SCAA Certified Ethiopian Lab METAD.

We feel there are some good coffees here and we have split the volume to give those of you with varying budgets an opportunity to buy some of this coffee. We have also reduced the opening prices to reflect more realisitic market prices.

Access the cupping reports below:

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Edido-Arrecha Farmers Group Results

We have set a date for this auction of high quality volume coffee and the lots have now been released!

  • 12 coffees ranging between from 84.08 to 91
  • 1 x coffee scores 91
  • 6 x coffees score 86+
  • 4 x coffees score 85+
  • 1 x coffee scores 84+
  • 77,340kgs in total
  • A variety of small and larger volume lots to bid on
  • Half the lots are less than 1 tonne. 
  • We are sending out a free set of samples to all registrations up to one week before the auction
  • Cupping reports, independently made by Falcon Coffee 
  • Export Certifications for each farmer
  • Geocode location maps for each farmer
  • Farmer block map details for each farmer

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Are you a Producer or an Exporter?

We would like find out more about your business. It would really be useful to find out what you do and how you work.

We would like to explore opportunities with you:

  • To present your coffee to a range of buyers
  • Help you build a set of sustainable direct relationships with buyers
  • Reward you for the work you do to produce quality coffee
  • Help you build price sustainability for your coffee
  • Reduce the risk to you for taking your coffee to market
  • Promote your story, your farm and your coffee to an engaged audience of buyers
  • Help you build a sustainable supply chain for your coffee

Are you an Importer or a Roaster?

We would lilke to talk to you about how you can buy coffee that:

  • Supports the values which lead to the sustainable production of quality coffee
  • Forms relationships with directly with producers. This helps you can understand their production methods, their processes and their coffee.
  • Give your own customers the full story of how this coffee is produced
  • Stengthen the supply chain by passing your knowledge to your own buyers, roasters and retailers.
  • Strengthen the proposition made to coffee drinkers so they understand the quality of the coffee they drink and where it came from.

Our Experience

We have been operating auctions small volume Specialty Coffee Microlot auctions over the last 7 years. We work with some of the best and most exciting Producers in the world. We have often held auctions that have often broken the world record for the highest priced coffee.

We have experience of working with a range of farmer and organisations and the list of people we speak to is growing all the time. We have made contacts with many coffee buyers and we promote and market your green coffee to our databases of buyers.

We faclitate the trade between buyers and sellers. We put you together with the people that matter the most to you and help you source and sell good coffee. 

These are some of the organisations we are currently rolling out microlot auctions for with more to come. 

We are also about to open the sites for the following Estates this Spring and later this year:

  • Gesha Village
  • Santa Felisa
  • Best of Panama
  • Port of Mokha


We Can Run Your Auction

With extensive experience working with the most renowned leaders in the industry, including farmers, growers and producers as well as the world's biggest trade associations - find out more here. We can bring our established coffee sector expertise and market-leading auction technology to your website; helping you easily and profitably auction your coffee, seamlessly manage the promotion and sales process, and maximise your returns.

For each specialist coffee auction we:

  • Manage the (fixed fee) set-up in consultation with you; including design, colour palette, content and branding
  • Include multiple language content and functionality if needed
  • Look after the upload of all lot details and images for you
  • Manage the order and payment process for samples and provide you with a list of sample requests to fulfil
  • Take payments for auction entry if required
  • Handle the bidder registration and verification process, providing you with a list of bidders for approval
  • Co-ordinate email marketing to advertise your auctions before the event and the results thereafter
  • Provide dedicated support throughout your event
  • Based in Brighton, the UK's coffee capital, we'd be delighted to chat with you about your coffee auction and how we can help. Getin touch today!